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Your specialists
David, Neil and Giles have each been working as translators since the early 1990s. These decades of professional experience make WordWorks an authority on marketing, advertising, public relations, presentations, websites, software localisation, technical documentation and training materials.
Our subjects include:
Engineering - metals, plastics, chemicals, wood, agriculture, transport, architecture, human/machine interfaces, process control systems, quality control, user manuals
Business - insurance, financial services, annual reports, CD/brand manuals
Sport - skiing, running, athletics, climbing, cycling, football
The arts - performance/event guides, museum catalogues, literature, music
Legal - contracts, correspondence
Food & drink, hotels and restaurants

Project management and other languages
WordWorks has colleagues translating into other languages, some of whom (especially French, Spanish and Italian) have been working closely with us for many years.
We coordinate projects concerning multiple language markets where English or German is the starting point or target language. Since we are directly involved in the translation process we are ideally placed to support translators working into other languages to ensure the best possible quality.
Quality Assurance at WordWorks
ISO 17100 is the translation industry's equivalent of ISO 90001.
Our translation workflow is documented and archived from start to finish, analogue to the procedures prescribed in the standard.
WordWorks is affiliated to the Chartered Institute of Linguists in London and adheres to the Institute's code of conduct, available from

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